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Welcome to Dads Raising Daughters.  Thank you for visiting!

I am new to this blogging thing. Suggestions are encouraged.

DadsRaisingDaughters.com has one primary mission: The expansion of fatherhood, with special emphasis on fathers of daughters.

Why the special emphasis on dads of daughters?

For the last 19 years, I have been raising three of those sweet-smelling princesses. They glisten instead of sweat. They always brush their teeth twice a day. They don’t fart.


All three stink when they sweat. At least one of my girls does not like brushing her teeth. And collectively speaking, they fart nearly continuously. My youngest is six. My oldest is nineteen. I have one more sandwiched in between.

My friend, I know a lot about raising girls, no matter what phase they are in. I do some things very well, and some not as well as I would like. But I am always learning. . . always improving.

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These are the main topics we talk about on Dads Raising Daughters.
  • father with daughter on shoulders looking at sunrise. Raising daughters.“Mom” Skills. There are some things that moms do, and some things that dads do. It’s not a genetic thing, it is cultural. As our society pushes towards gender equality and with the divorce rate being so high, it is important for dads and moms to perform many of the same functions. Dads Raising Daughters wants to be the place where dads can learn those “mom” skills. I have an entire category dedicated to this topic. . . here.
  • Fitting in a “Mom’s” World. We want to help you feel comfortable in your role as an engaged father, and show you some techniques that will help gain the acceptance from others that are more traditional in how they think about the family structure. Translation: Trusting of “moms” and suspicious of “dads.”
  • Healthy Co-Parenting. Divorce is not what hurts children. It is what parents do after divorce that causes the harm.
  • External Resource for Dads
  • Daddy/Daughter Quality Time
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Life Skills; Peer Pressure, Social Media, and More
  • Healthy Daughters
  • And most important of all, the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s a birthright.

Dads, you matter more to your daughter than you can really imagine. You have the opportunity to be the single most important male role model in your daughter’s life. What an incredible opportunity. Thank you for visiting.