Teaching Daughters how to Handle Sexual Misconduct: Crossing the Modern Street Safely (Audio)


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We are living in the midst of a long overdue, gender-equality revolution. As it is with any societal transformation, some issues must first be addressed. Sexual misconduct is a familiar story in today’s news, but the problem is anything but new. The impact a father has on his daughter – especially during these modern times – is both profound and immense. It is imperative that fathers teach daughters how to handle issues of this nature.


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John Griffith, a.k.a. DadOfThreeWinds
December 21st, 2017


I am passionate about parenting. After publishing my book, I have met a multitude of individuals that share that passion. Below are recent interviews in which I participated. If you have the time, listen. Many more coming next year.

Both interviews spent significant time on the topic of sexual misconduct, and the role dads play in teaching their daughters how to handle such situations. Conversations of this nature are new to parenting, but the problem is anything but new.


A radio interview with WPHM-AM/Port Huron MI (Detroit suburb) about my book, A Dad’s Fun Guide to Raising Happy Daughters.

Thank you WPHM-AM and Paul Miller for giving me the opportunity to speak about my passion. Paul is a wonderful radio personality and very comforting to this newbie.

Here is the link to the interview I had with WPHM-AM/Port Huron MI, 10 min live w/Paul Miller, AM Talk Radio.

Someday, I might just overcome the “on-air” jitters! Listen to the message, not the messenger.


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