Healthy and engaged fatherhood = daughters growing in to self-respecting, happy and empowered young women.

The Expansion of Fatherhood has one primary mission: The expansion of fatherhood, with special emphasis on fathers of daughters.

A Dad's Fun Guide to Raising Happy Daughters

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"Mom" Skills

here are some things that moms do, and some things that dads do. It’s not a genetic thing, it is cultural. As our society pushes towards gender equality and with the divorce rate being so high, it is important for dads and moms to perform many of the same functions. Dads Raising Daughters wants to be the place where dads can learn those “mom” skills.

This is one fun read. My daughter is grown, but now I grapple with her daughter. This is good stuff! Writing style lends itself to hearing the voice in your minds ear. Very entertaining at times, while being a good resource. I have a sister that is deep into early childhood education. I read a couple pages to her over the phone. She is ready to engage Mr. Griffith for a talk to her cohorts just based on what I read. Good stuff.

David Buchanan

This book is a must read for any father with a daughter. John clearly loves and respects his girls while teaching them how to love and respect themselves, Every girl needs her father. John shows that being a father is more than just being present. John goes above and beyond to ensure that his daughters have a positive male figure in their lives. Bravo!!


Fitting in a "Mom's" World

We want to help you feel comfortable in your role as an engaged father, and show you some techniques that will help gain the acceptance from others that are more traditional in how they think about the family structure. Translation: Trusting of “moms” and suspicious of “dads.”

Quality Time


The Pursuit of Happiness

Dads, you matter more to your daughter than you can really imagine. You have the opportunity to be the single most important male role model in your daughter’s life. What an incredible opportunity. Thank you for visiting.

Healthy Daughters